Project launch will take place first on Uniswap(DEX). 60% of the funds raised will be locked in Uniswap for 369 days. As of launch, users will be able to securely perform swap transactions on the ethereum network using Uniswap. The project will continue with 0 tax for the first 7 days. This will allow many people to easily access the project token, Amphitheatrum Flavium, without paying any taxes. Tax, which cannot be changed for 7 days as per SAFU contract,8. The day will be announced with new rates. The newly announced tax rates will be accumulated in the marketing wallet and this money will be used to list some new exchanges. Tax rate will be maximum 7% according to the contract. Depending on the funds collected, marketing and CEX listing are carried out simultaneously. Until the eighth day, we offer investors the chance to own Amphitheatrum Flavium without paying tax fees.

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